New Malware NimzaLoader

Windows computer owner beware !

A new malware called NimzaLoader, created, according to the statements, by the group TA800 has been found targeting windows computers. 

If installed it can take control of your machine, steal your personal data and install other malwares or payloaders.

Currently, what’s annoying with, it’s its undetectability due to the programming language used.

Indeed, hackers chose Nim, which is rarely used to write Malware which means a low rate of detection by antimalware. And as fewly used, makes reverse engineering to understand it more tricky.

As far as we know, the malware gets into computers through phishing emails asking the victims to click on a PDF file which, once clicked, will launch the malware’s install.

Original announce and analysis made by Proofpoint :

If you want to dive into Nim Language :