GO 1.18 released

Launched in 2007 by Google, Go is a language meant to create simple, reliable, securised and multithreaded applications. 

Google announced GO 1.18 which will support natively “fuzz testing” or “fuzzing” which is 

 a means to test software’s vulnerability and security.

While most languages support fuzzing through third-party, Go is one of the unique languages to natively offer such tools without any third-party. Which is a good thing knowing lately open source has been undermined and users/companies are getting a bit more reluctant to trust those.

This new version will bring to users as well :

  • CPU performance up to 20 % for Apple M1, ARM64 and PowerPC64.
  • Generics, by adding parameterized type, in order to save coding time 
  • Workspaces, to improve work efficiency while working  with multiple modules.

source: https://go.dev/blog/go1.18

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