Android 13 to jump in Windows 11

Microsoft has released some news about Android app being supported in Windows 11.
It appears the Windows Subsystem for Android will soon be based on the latest version of Android (13). (Ed. The Windows Subsystem lets developers run another environment (Linux, Android) directly on Windows, unmodified, without the overhead of a traditional virtual machine or dualboot setup.)

Along side Windows 11 announcement last year, Microsoft unveiled that its operating system will have native support for Android applications. This was possible thanks to Windows Subsystem for Android or WSA. (Ed. WSL for the Linux one)

On the Github page dedicated to the project, we learn that the Microsoft is currently working on a new version based on Android 13. In the near future, Windows sub should get new features such as transfer files stored locally in Windows directories to application directories, support picture-in-picture as well as access to the local network by default, access your documents stored on your PC from the Android applications you use or a “Shortcuts” function.


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