Flutter Forward – feedback summarized

A couple of months ago we made a news concerning the “Flutter Forward conference” which took place in Kenya on the last of January 25th (Stay tuned – Flutter Forward | OMNiceSoft).

This conference introduced new releases, Flutter 3.7 and Dart 2.91.

As always new versions includes new features and optimizations.

The new features include:

  • menu bars and cascading menus,
    You can have a look by yourself by visiting the following demo page : material_3_demo
  • new Material 3,
    that can be use by adding :
  theme: ThemeData(
     useMaterial3: true,
  // …
  • new Impeller rendering engine for iOS apps,
  • iOS release validation,
  • updates to the DevTools memory debugging tool,
  • custom context menus,
  • scrolling improvements,
  • revamped internalization tools and docs,
  • a text magnifier for accessibility,
  • improved support for web animations: You can try it with Flutter Holobooth

Also, The Dart 3 stable release is scheduled for launch around mid 2023. An “alpha” version, Dart 3a can be download though.

sources :

https://medium.com/flutter/whats-next-for-flutter-b94ce089f49c ,

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