During his keynote address at the GTC, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announced a range of new products and partnerships that aim to bring AI capabilities to every industry. To achieve this, NVIDIA has collaborated with companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Oracle, providing cutting-edge AI services that include training to deployment, and introducing new semiconductors and software libraries. The company has also introduced a comprehensive set of systems and services that allows startups and enterprises to scale these innovations globally. Huang highlighted the timely arrival of accelerated computing and AI, which are essential for industries grappling with challenges like digitalization and sustainability.

NVIDIA has played a key role in the AI revolution by developing generative AI. Half of all Fortune 100 companies are already using NVIDIA’s DGX AI supercomputers, and the company has introduced new products to support AI development, such as the H100 NVL GPU and the Grace Hopper superchip. NVIDIA has partnered with cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to bring its AI supercomputers to every company through DGX Cloud.

NVIDIA has also formed new partnerships to bring AI to various industries, such as its collaboration with Amgen to accelerate drug discovery services with BioNeMo. This platform enables researchers to create, fine-tune, and serve custom models using their proprietary data. Additionally, NVIDIA is partnering with Medtronic to build an AI platform for software-defined medical devices that creates a common platform for Medtronic systems ranging from surgical navigation to robotic-assisted surgery. NVIDIA is also working with Microsoft to bring NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud, a fully managed cloud service, to industries worldwide. Finally, TSMC, Synopsys, and ASML will integrate the new NVIDIA cuLitho software library for computational lithography into their manufacturing processes and systems for the latest-generation NVIDIA Hopper architecture GPUs.

It seems that the future is in march!

source : NVIDIA to Bring AI to Every Industry, CEO Says | NVIDIA Blog