RISC-V: Challenging ARM’s Control in Mobile Devices

A big change is happening in the world of connected gadgets, shaking up ARM’s strong position. While ARM has long been the go-to for mobile device chips, a new player, RISC-V, is starting to gain attention.

ARM is known for its efficient chip designs used in phones, tablets, and even some computers. But now, Qualcomm is getting ready to launch its first RISC-V chip, which is a big deal. Unlike ARM, RISC-V is an open-source design, which means manufacturers can use it without having to pay fees. This could really shake things up for ARM, especially in the world of Android.

Google is also part of this shift, working to make Android work with RISC-V. Even Apple is looking into this. While Qualcomm is starting with RISC-V for smartwatches, this move shows that a bigger competition for control of mobile device processors is on the way, and it might change things for a long time.