COMB: Large Data Security Leak

Recently if your feed news was full of articles about COMB be aware that it is not related to any ads targeting you for some hair growth product or hairstyle trend. 

The reality might be worse. Why? because in the last few days, COMB, which comes as an acronym for “Compilation Of Many Breaches”, that compiles billions of hacked credentials (username/password) from many social media and websites, has leaked and spread over the web in some hacking forums.

Even if nowadays most websites offer a “relative” high software security disabling common hacking process and asking users a high level of security in their password, it seems hackers get always more and more ingenious to steal data no matter the renown of your company. Netflix, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo all are concerned by this leak.

So be aware, change regularly your password, set them with a high level of security, avoid easy to crack password, avoid to use one same password for all of your accounts.

If your head can’t handle remembering all of your password it’s maybe time to check for some password Manager.
Meantime, go check to find out if your email address has been leaked.

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