Google Fuchsia

After many years hearing here and there about it, Google has finally deployed its new home made OS : Google Fuchsia.

The main purpose of this OS is still fuzzy as google stays quite secret but here is what we know so far.

The first device to enjoy this new OS is the GOOGLE Nest Hub which is currently switching from the previous OS Cast to Fuchsia. One thing we like is that the whole interface is developed with Flutter.

To refresh your memory, Google Nest Hub is a connected speaker + touch screen  device which allows you to watch your Youtube videos, use google assistant, watch your pics through google Photo,  plug several services such as your favorite VOD services or control domotic devices in your house.

Google OS Fuchsia enlarges the family of Google’s OS with Chrome OS used for Chromebook and Android for smartphones.

One particularity is that it is not based on a Linux Kernel, but on a new one called Zircon. It is said Zircon would help to fit devices of all ranges. From the smallest connected devices, to smartphones and computers.

Even if for now the main target of Google Fuchsia seems to be small connected / domotic  devices, the fact it can run under smartphones and computers may let us think that google holds in its hand the one OS to rule them (devices) all .

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