Google I/O 2021 : Flutter & Dart release

During the Google I/O 2021 which was hold from May 18th to 19th,Google has already given some nice announcements.

Firstly, Dart, the language used for flutter. Google released its version 2.13. 

Dart 2.13 adds more support for automation with a github action and docker image. It also supports type alias and array + packed structures.

Secondly, Flutter, Google’s SDK to dev cross-platform apps, sees its version 2.2 released.

This version brings performance improvements, enables the null-safety function primarily released in 2.0, adds new platforms such as Tizen (used by Samsung for its smart devices) and UWP for Universal Windows Platform (to create more native windows app) but maybe the main features for this version is about monetization with a payment plugin to add google pay to your app and new ads format banners with Google Mobile Ads SDK.

Once again, google shows us that flutter and dart, already popular within devs, will keep its trend to be maybe the most useful and used SDK to make cross platform apps.