Facebook (bad) Days

On October 4th: for some of us, the problem was impactless, insignificant in our life and some might even didn’t realize something happened but it is now almost a mission impossible to not be aware about that. So on this day users around the world faced a total incapability to join Facebook servers for 6 hours long. 

It wasn’t due to any aliens or solar storm destroying our communication systems but simply a change of configurations that induced errors of routing to facebook applications (instagram, whatsapp, messenger).

On the recent Data “leak”: Appeared in September but certainly present in the News thanks to the previous issues, Data, resulting from a scraping method, of about 1.5 billion users are on sale on the darkweb. In a way, that is not really a hacking or vulnerability as all data are the ones anyone can find on a public profile but such a catalog of data can be useful for misguided people performing phishing at large scale.

it might be too late now, but to avoid being on this kind of scraping list, limit as much as possible your data left visible to all.

After revelations made by a former employee Frances Haugen, those late events which all occurred within the last couple of days might not help to keep thrust in Facebook and SNS in the overall.

The Capital loss due to outage for Facebook is estimated at 6 billion dollars. But no need to worry too much about Facebook and its services.