Internet connection issue

Tomorrow, september 30th will be, as you might have heard in the news, a world without the internet or the beginning of the Apocalypse according to some!!

Well, behind those exaggerated stories lay some facts.

This information came primarily from Scott Helme, a researcher in security and then spread through the internet.

The main issue is due to a certificate named “DST Root CA X3” provided freely by the company Lets Encrypt, which is the most popular, used certificate and which is going to expire by tomorrow.

To be concise, this certificate works like an ID pass. It checks if your connection or the website you intend to connect to is secure and encrypted for your App and browser.

Without it, it becomes impossible to “authenticate” yourself or a website as a secured entity , meaning you will stay at the door of the virtual world.

Am I going to be impacted by this certificate issue ? 

On Android, if your smartphone was released after 2018 you will be fine. On the contrary, older phones might face connection issues. 

On PC, the same issue might happen to those still running under Windows XP. Maybe it’s time for change don’t you think ?

If you face any trouble connecting, one workaround is to use the latest version of Firefox .

Which embeds its own package of certificates.

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