Microsoft to launch Autopatch

For almost 2 decades, firms such as Microsoft, Oracle, etc… have released regular security patches on what’s now called “Patch Tuesday” or ”Update Tuesday” which occurs as its name says on Tuesdays (thanks captain obvious) but the second one of each month.

Released sometime during July 2022, with Autopatch Microsoft will turn things a little upside down as it will provide a continuous stream of updates managementless.

Indeed, it is intended to keep PCs with a Windows 10 and Windows 11 Enterprise E3 license up to date at no additional cost with little-to-no-need from organizations to plan and operate Updates.

In order to keep issues and disruption of services far from the many, deployment will be divided in several phases. Each phase will contain a set of devices which will gradually increase as evaluations, tests and reports show good indicators. 

Will Autopatch be a plus and better than already existing automated functionalities such as Windows Update Business or office 365 admin console ? 

wait & see..

to get more details check the official microsoft techcommunity :