A year ago with Flutter 2.0, the Flutter team allowed developers to build cross-platform Apps by enlarging platform targets. 

It became then possible to build from a single codebase,  iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux Apps, as well Web App running on the most famous web browser Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. 

All of this in a single open source project.

So what’s new with the latest announcement made on February 4th? 

The flutter team released Flutter 2.10. This new version includes performance improvements, bug fixes, some features and a stable release with a production-quality support for building Windows applications. 

This announcement doesn’t mean Flutter will bring some mobile apps and make them run on windows, no!

The team took care to include already hundreds of packages to provide to devs all tools for example to get input devices( keyboard, mouse), port devices, to resize windows, to store data, to drag-and-drop etc… And Thanks to some partnerships, they will also provide packages such as Fluentui (Microsoft partnership) to create Windows-like user interfaces. 

2022 seems all good for the Flutter team and developers and we’re very pleased to see that the team will continue to give us more informations about the future of Flutter, especially concerning the stable support for Linux and macOs which at this time will make Flutter a full operational cross-platform dev tool.

If you want to get an inside view, check the Flutter update video : Flutter Update: Windows

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