A Personal Quantum Desktop Computer?

Applied to some specific field quantum computing might or will be the future.

As a disclaimer, I will quote one of the quantum mechanics fathers Richard Feynman who said “I think I can safely say that nobody really understands quantum mechanics”. 
So please forgive us for not getting the pretension to detail so much.

In the past years, we heard a lot about the race to reach the so called “Quantum supremacy” which some firms such as Google, IBM did reach.

It seems that now some firms are trying to democratize Quantum Computer by offering, in a relatively affordable way, a few Qubits into a desktop computer – even, why not, for mister everybody but mister everybody needs to have a well-furnished wallet – .

This is what a chinese start-up “SpinQ” intends to do with its 2 Qubits Gemini quantum desktop computer at a price close to 5000$.

This is not their first try, in 2020 the company started to sell on the market another more powerful machine for about 50.000$ and found buyers in some institutions in North America and Asia.

This new version is of course intended for research or educational purposes and let’s be honest a 2 Qubits computer doesn’t even come close to a conventional computer at this point. But it is still a good initiative to offer students an opportunity to try by themselves and get inspired by what might be the future.

In case you got curious, go check the website of the company here.

And if you don’t have 5000$ to spend, know that Microsoft has developed a QDK (Quantum Development Kit) you can use by following this link .

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